Campaign Against Violence

The world wants peace – Be its messenger

Building peace is urgent and necessary. It’s everybody’s mission. Peace and harmony among the people depend on everyone’s way of think, being and acting and on our testimony of God’s kindness embodied in the human being. We understand the more civilized and nicer way of combating violence is promoting peace. To make this possible it’s necessary that we learn to respect and to live with the differences, practicing, time and again, the culture of forgiveness and peace, turning ourselves into a kind of lamp by which, God’s light may shine.

As a good-hearted person, don’t allow the tree of sin and crime, called violence, bears fruit and beats the tree of life. Peace in the world depends on our deeds. Don’t omit yourself.

Violence is combated with justice. Justice is recognizing, respecting and recovering everybody’s right, especially, the right to a decent life.

The Campaign Against Violence was born motivated by solidarity with the victims of violence and observing as fundamental principles:

  1. world peace and harmony among peoples;
  2. recover family’s morality turning it into a reserve of values;
  3. arouse the conscience of exercising citizenship;
  4. propose the citizen to review concepts, analyse behaviour and assume responsabilities in order to solve action problems and social justice.

Do your bit! Join us

You can participate with your own means and resources and through the Escola de Fomento à Paz. Giving lectures, leading the citizen to the right way, giving good examples, practicing gestures of peace and greatness or others in the human being’s favor that come exalt the humanity. If all those things won’t be possible, the violence that by chance you would practice, abstain from it. This way, you will be in the spirit of the campaign, and, for sure, contributing to the reduction of violence for free.

Any natural person or legal entity that adhere to the campaign, observing its principles, goals and using the logo, is allowed to reproduce and spread this work for free. It’s forbidden to use it for political purposes and others whose idea is not fighting for peace. Nobody is allowed to raise resources or sell campaign products for its maintenance.

Let’s hold this flag

If you want piece – combate Violence

Be a thread in the big web and come to stop the advance of violence weaving the flag of peace